Monday, October 31, 2005

Google!!! Getting cooler and cooler...

Wow, Google is getting cool and cooler everyday. They are releasing new services too often these days. Lot of us might be using Google's mail service but are you aware of the various cool features offered by Google Mail????

Auto-RefreshYou sign-on and wait. Don't get puzzled if you see new messages on your Inbox after some time. Google refreshes the Inbox page after a fixed time. Automatically. Easy to implement but no one ever gave this option.

Auto-saveWe spent 20 minutes writing this entry, and then the browser crashed. Good thing there's auto-save. It saves. Automatically.

Export contactsExport your Gmail Contacts and save them in a file for back-up or to use in another account or service–great if you're using Gmail's free POP access.

Customized 'From:' addressesCustomize the address on your outgoing messages to display another one of your addresses instead.

More languagesNow you can use Gmail in 38 languages. It features even Hindi

More storageStorage is an important part of email, which is why Gmail now gives you over 2.5 gigabytes of free space

An easier way to send up to 10MB of photosGmail now works with
Picasa, Google's free photo organizer, so you can easily send photos from your Gmail account.

Free POP access and automatic forwardingAccess your mail the way you want to. Download your messages. Read them offline. Use your Blackberry or Outlook or any POP-enabled device. Or forward new messages to an email account you specify.

Import ContactsMove all your contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and others to Gmail in just a few clicks.

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